Goals & Learning Outcomes

The goal of the AUCA MAT program is to develop teachers as reflective practitioners – who would have the disciplinary knowledge and pedagogical skills to unleash the creative potential of students with diverse cultural backgrounds and learning needs, and help them grow into ethical citizens of a shared planet.

AUCA MAT considers teaching as a research-informed and research-engaged profession – where participants learn to be deliberatively reflective – conducting inquiries and action research to meet specific learning challenges of their students.

AUCA MAT also views teaching as a collaborative professional engagement. Towards that end, the program will infuse a culture of shared learning among the program participants through its peer-mentoring and co-mentoring design of the practicum, academic and classroom research components.

In short, the graduates of the AUCA MAT would possess strong content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and understanding of learners and their development. They would have the skills to observe and think diagnostically, and adapt instruction to help diverse students succeed. They would champion student-centered learning that emphasizes inquiry, metacognitive skills and students’ capacities to guide and assess their own learning. In their everyday work in schools, AUCA MAT graduates would exemplify dispositions for collaboration and continuous learning.

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