Faculty Affiliates

Anton Markoc


He earned PhD in Philosophy from Central European University (CEU), and holds MA in Philosophy from CEU and BA and Spec Sci degrees in Political Science from University of Montenegro. He did postgraduate work as Fellow in Philosophy at Harvard University and Research Fellow at University of Rijeka. At AUCA, he teaches FYS, SYS, and Academic Research. His most recent publications in moral and political philosophy appeared in journals Philosophical Studies, Res PublicaJournal of Social Philosophy, and Journal of Value Inquiry. He teaches Academic Research in Master of Arts in Teaching program. https://auca.kg/en/directory/178/




Cholpon Chotaeva

She is an Associate Professor of Cultural Studies from National Attestation Commission, Doctor of History from the Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences. Professor at the American University of Central Asia at the  Anthropology department and in Master of Arts in Teaching program. Currently works at AUCA as a Coordinator (Chair) of Department of Anthropology. She worked at UNDP. She has many publications on articles regarding multiculturalism, language, tolerance and history.  https://auca.kg/en/directory/33/




Christopher Baker

He holds Ph.D. in Central Asian studies, with a minor field in Russian History from Indiana University, Bloomington. M.A. in Central Eurasian studies, ABD in European Intellectual History, with minor fields in Cultural Theory and Contemporary European History from the University of TorontoCurrently works at AUCA as an associate professor at the Department of General Education.  He teaches Teaching Seminar in Literature: Encounters at the Edges of Empire in Master of Arts in Teaching program.  https://auca.kg/en/directory/92/




Derek Lance Furr

He earned his Ph.D, M.A. and M.Ed from the University of Virginia, B.A. from  Wake Forest University. Currently works at Bart (New York, USA)as a Director  of MAT Program and as an Associate Professor of Literature.  He teaches Theories of literature in Master of Arts in Teaching program/Kyrgyzstan. http://www.bard.edu/faculty/details/?id=1307




Elizabeth Davis

She holds Masters on the Endorsement for Teaching reading and writing for all grades from Asbury college. Graduate of Asbury college with Bachelor’s on Professional Certificate for Teaching English from grades 8.  Currently works at Hope Academy/Kyrgyzstan as a Principal, Assistant Director and English teacher. She teaches Teaching Practicum in Master of Arts in Teaching program at AUCA.




Galina Gorborukova

She has Master’s degree in Sociology department at the American University of Central Asia. Currently she works as a Coordinator of Social Sciences Division and an Associate Professor in  Sociology Program. She teaches Introduction to Academic Research in Master of Arts in Teaching program at the American University of Central Asia .    www.ioe.auca.kg https://auca.kg/en/directory/41/




Maryna Batsman

She is a PhD candidate in History at European University Institute in Florence, Italy. She holds two MA-s in History from Central European University and European University Institute. At AUCA, she is an Assistant Professor at Division of General Education.  teaches FYS and courses in Soviet history and culture. Her areas of specialization are political and cultural history of interwar USSR, literature and fine arts from the USSR, and modern history of Eastern European Jews.



Mehrigul Ablezova

She holds her Master of Arts from Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA and Bachelor of Arts from the AUCA, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Currently works as an  Assistant Professor in Sociology Program of Social Sciences Division. She is a Co-founder of PIL Research Company. She teaches Introduction to Academic Research in Master of Arts in Teaching program at AUCA. https://auca.kg/en/directory/42/ 




James Plumtree

He earned PhD in Medieval Studies from the CEU and University of St. Andrews as a visiting student. He holds MA in Medieval Studies from the CEU, Graduate of Oriel College, University of Oxford, BA in English Language and Literature.Currently works at AUCA as an Assistant Professor  at the GenEd Program and FYS. He teaches Epic – Theory, Practice, History in Master of Arts in Teaching program at the AUCA. https://auca.kg/en/directory/171/



Meghan McCormick

She earned Juris Doctorate from Yale Law School and New York State Bar.  Graduated her Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (USA) where she majored in political theory. Currently works at AUCA in Law Faculty as an Associate Professor, she teaches Law, Society and Civic Engagement in MAT AUCA.



Nina Bagdasarova

She earned her PhD in Psychology from the Institute of the Personality Development, Russian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Moscow. Her post-graduate study was in Kyrgyz Institute of Education. She majored in Psychology, Pedagogical Psychology/ Moscow State Pedagogical University. Currently works at  AUCA, Psychology Department. She teaches Language, Identity and Multicultural Education in MAT AUCA. https://auca.kg/en/directory/26/



Rahat Orozova

She holds Master’s degree on  Social Work and Social management from the University of Manchester jointly with  School of Social and Economic Sciences (Russia). Graduate of Kyrgyz State National University, majoring in Teaching of History and Social Sciences from Faculty of History. Currently works as an expert on inclusive education  in Soros – Kyrgyzstan Foundation and UNICEF. Her areas of interests and specialization: “Basic Education”, “Basic reading skills” training modules on “Phonics”,“Comprehension”. She teaches Inclusive education in MAT program at AUCA. https://ioe.auca.kg/



Rana Al Shurkhi

She earned PhD and  Master’s in Applied Linguistics from University of Barcelona, Spain. She holds Bachelor’s degree majoring  in English Language and Literature and minor in Education from Palestine- Al-Quds University. Currently she works as a Director  and as an Assistant Professor and faculty member in MAT Program at the AlQuds Bard College. She teaches Teaching Lab 2 in MAT in Teaching program at AUCA.. https://ioe.auca.kg/




Rebecca Granato

She earned Ph.D. from the Tri-University Program, Waterloo, Canada.  She holds M.A. from the Graduate Center City University of New York and B.A. in History from Bard College. She has studied at the Oxford University, Exeter College for her thesis. Currently she works as an AVP in Bard College. She teaches Teaching Lab for social studies and literature  in MAT AUCA.



Saule Hamzina

She hold Master’s degreee in Education Policy and Management from the Center of Educational Policy Study of Moscow High, School of Economic and Social Sciences. Her  postgraduate education in psychology from the Bishkek Humanitarian University. Graduate of  the Kazakh National State University from the Department of Psychology, Specializes  in psychologist and teacher of psychology.




Tamo Chattopadhay

He earned his Doctor of Education (Ed. D) in International Educational Development from the Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. Holds his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and International Business from Bernard M. Baruch College, City University of New York. He is a graduate of Integrated Bachelors and Masters in Theoretical Physics from the People’s Friendship University of Russia, Moscow. Currently he works as an Associate Professor and as a Director, Institute of Education at AUCA. He teaches Teaching and Learning in the 21st century, Classroom Research, Using Technology for Research and Teaching.https://ioe.auca.kg/ 



Timand Bates

Strong education professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in the Teaching of English from Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Literature from Bard college. Currently works as an Assistant Dean Of Students offering social and academic support for students. He teaches Curricular Planning in MAT AUCA. He specializes in: K-12 public schools,classroom management, lesson planning, educational technology, differentiated instruction, and curriculum development. http://www.bard.edu/dosa/


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