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Teacher Education                                                                                                                The MA in Teaching (MAT) is the flagship graduate degree program of IOE. It is the only teacher education program in Central Asia that offers an American Master’s Degree from Bard College in New York, alongside a graduate degree from Kyrgyz Ministry of Education. This is a blended learning program with a significant focus on school-based mentored practice, innovative student-centered instructional management and enhancement of research skills of candidates.  The program is designed to accommodate both pre-service and in-service teachers. More

Professional Development                                                                                                    Working with partnering schools, IOE offers customized workshops on school culture and professional learning communities. In addition, the institute offers – in blended learning format – semester-long instructional management mentoring for in-service teachers. 

Global Learning                                                                                                                    Education and Development in a Global Era (EDGE) – is a spring 2019 undergraduate course offering from IOE that is designed to introduce students to some of the key themes and critical issues in international educational development. The course has been designed to act as a platform that brings together comparative perspectives on pressing global challenges to education from a select group of partnering higher education institutions in Europe and North America. More

Research                                                                                                                                  Recent and on-going research initiatives include: higher education and youth perspectives on sustainable development in Kyrgyzstan, employability and role of soft-skills in Central Asian post-secondary context, politics of private-public partnerships in basic education, and implications of online-mentoring for pre and in-service teacher education programs. More

Engagements                                                                                                                        Education in 21st century is inevitably inter-disciplinary and transcultural. Within AUCA, IOE collaborates with other academic departments and program units to offer a broad range of curricular offering. Externally, IOE engages with partners from Government Agencies, Multilateral Development Organizations, Private Foundations, Schools and Higher Education Institutions –both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. More