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The inaugural FORUM meeting, held on Saturday, October 28th, was effectively coordinated under the guidance of two co-lead public school directors, Elena Debelaya and Aelita Jolchieva, alongside Project Manager Aigul Karimova. The meeting started with an introduction of the project team and a warm welcome from guests, including Gulzat Kochorova, the US Embassy Coordinator, and Elizabeth Alibaeva, the Director of MAT IOE (AUCA), and Dr.Tamo Chattopadhay, the Founding Director of the Institute of Education (IOE) at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA). Additionally, the school directors introduced themselves to all attendees, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration.

Project Overview: Dr. Tamo Chattopadhay provided an insightful overview of the project’s scope. This presentation laid the foundation for the discussion that followed, offering a clear understanding of the project’s objectives.

Presentation of 5 Domains: Aigul Karimova, the project coordinator, presented the five domains – priority themes – central to the project’s focus. These domains provided a framework for the subsequent discussions. Public school directors were encouraged to share their insights and provide feedback on these themes via the Padlet platform.

Open Discussion: Following the presentation of the five domains, directors engaged in an open discussion and the project coordinator facilitated this dialogue, allowing participants to share their perspectives and engage in an open exchange of ideas.

The First FORUM meeting served as an important milestone, fostering collaboration and dialogue among the key stakeholders. The insights gathered during this session will play a vital role in shaping the future direction of the project. The report includes Zoom screenshots captured during the meeting for reference and visual contex