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The second session of the FORUM, conducted on November 16th, 2023, offered a comprehensive exploration of effective school leadership and management. Six distinguished Directors, including two co-lead Directors and four Task Force members, led a two-hour discussion, sharing insights on overcoming challenges, implementing successful strategies, and pinpointing resource needs. Among the 28 attendees were 25 public-school directors from various regions of Kyrgyzstan, alongside key conveners and coordinators.

The presentations by Task Force members emphasized several key themes. A focus on intrinsic motivation emerged as a fundamental component of effective leadership, highlighting the critical role school principals play in fostering an environment conducive to staff development and growth. Discussions also addressed the complexities surrounding task delegation, staff motivation, and the unique challenges faced by female leaders in education. Proposed solutions ranged from digitalization efforts to strategic planning, all aimed at improving school leadership and management.

The Knowledge Resources segment added scholarly depth, presenting findings from a comprehensive research report on how principals impact students and schools titled ‘How Principals Affect Students and Schools: A Systematic Synthesis of Two Decades of Research’ authored by Grissom, Jason A.; Egalite, Anna J.; Lindsay, Constance A . This component aimed to provide Directors with evidence-based strategies and a clearer understanding of the factors that drive effective educational leadership.

Overall, the second session of the FORUM succeeded in facilitating a high-level exchange of ideas and best practices, promoting collaboration among school leaders. The co-lead Directors and program coordinator expressed their appreciation for the participants’ engagement and outlined a strategic path forward, reinforcing the commitment to educational advancement in Kyrgyzstan. This session marks a significant step in the ongoing journey to enhance school leadership and foster an environment that supports continuous improvement.



Grissom, J. A., Egalite, A. J., & Lindsay, C. A. (2021). How principals affect students and schools: A systematic synthesis of two decades of research. New York: The Wallace Foundation.